Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Starting a brand new company of any kind may not seem wise during tough economic times, let alone a luxury watch company. Most would say (pun intended or not)…now is just not the time. However, when Babak Ermankhah and longtime friend and partner Eddie Egas – who each have more than 20 years experience in the watch business – simply got bored with the current watch offerings, start a new company is exactly what they did. Expert jeweler Victor Rodriquez joined them and the three formed AZAD Watches in 2008. Unfortunately, Eddie Egas decided to pursue his own career and left Azad Watches a few months later. Each with their own unique talents, specialties and tastes, combined Babak Ermankhah and Victor Rodriguez are able to create the refreshing offerings that set AZAD apart. Their expertise puts AZAD side by side with traditional brands, but their added flavor adds the edge today’s customer craves.
All hailing from various regions, but growing up in New York, each became a success on their own terms by working hard and staying true to their vision. A vision many seem to relate to as well; the still fresh-on-the-scene AZAD already boasts the kind of high-end clientele the older companies are fighting to attract. These men don’t merely understand this target…they ARE this target.
Some of the ambassadors for the brand include Donald Trump, 50Cent, Julius "Dr. J" Erving, Joseph "RevRun" Simons, DJ Alex Sensation, Ice T, Daddy Yankee, Boxer Paulie Malagnaggi, and many others. All stemming from the partners’ relationships with influential hip hop moguls, the brand’s connection to the boxing world and ties with other members of the entertainment industry.
This elite club of AZAD wearers is now being rewarded with the all new Legends of the Game TM Collection:"Legends Of The Game" TM, Azad Watches' newest limited edition collection. Blending the precision, uniqueness, quality and exclusivity of Azad Watches with the legacy and impact of the most iconic and recognizable individuals in sports and entertainment.
Honoring these "Legends Of The Game" is a task that Azad Watches Inc has taken on with a great deal of appreciation, detail and respect to the foundation that these "Legends Of The Game" have established for the rest of us to build on. Azad Watches Inc announces its first "Legends Of The Game" TM, iconic Ice T, rock'n'roll hall of fame Joseph "Rev.Run" Simmons, legendary mix master Alex Sensation, and world famous Latin Artist Daddy Yankee. The next "Legends of the Game" TM models for 2015 are in the honor NBA hall of fame Juilus "Dr.J" Erving.

“The Legends of the Game”TM Collection’s each timepiece is customized and inspired by the achievements of each "Legend Of The Game". AzadWatch NYC, Inc felt it was time to remind those that were there and teach those who were not, the influence each "Legend Of The Game" has had on pop culture and society as a whole. Communicating that message through limited production and edition timepieces is homage that Azad Watches' creator Babak "Bobby" Ermankhah, a visionary who has built his success on creative offerings, is more than willing to pay.
Alex Sensation Edition

The latest project we are working on is “Championship Watches” TM. Only available to past and present champions, the "Championship Watches" collection by Azad Watches NYC embodies everything it takes to be a winner. The luxurious and precision horological technology that defines Azad Watches NYC now transcends into the realm of champions. The "Championship Watches" collection by Azad Watches NYC is the most exclusive watch ever created. Only available to those who have fought through the trenches and battled against all odds, the winner of the titles, and conquers that have become champions.

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